Discover: Cailynn’s Playlist, Sept.19-25

By Cailynn Beck, Contributor

There was a period in my life where I was an avid Spotify user. Then Joanna Newsom released her most recent album, Divers, and I stopped listening to any other artist for months until maybe mid-July 2016. I came back to reality from the mystical folk land that Newsom took me to and realized that I was going to be a college student soon, which meant that I could get Spotify premium for only $4.99 a month!

I was elated at the idea that I didn’t have to use my incredibly old and shitty first generation iPod anymore and I could listen to albums in full with style. Discover Weekly was back in my life and opened up opportunities for me to find new music that was in the same realm of my interests. Here are some songs that tickled my fancy or made me very confused as to why they were in my Discover Weekly.

1. The Gloomies – “LSD”

I’d never heard of The Gloomies before, but listening to this song made me reminisce on my 8th grade year when I was still listening to very intro indie-pop-rock music. This is definitely a 10/10 surf-punk-psychedelic song to listen to when you’re feeling like an angsty 13-year-old again.

2. Free Cake for Every Creature – “Talking Quietly of Anything with You”

I’ll be honest, I was very confused as to why this song was on my Discover Weekly. This song reminds me too much of some weird pseudo-indie-romance Michael Cera movie. I can’t say much more about it.

3. Street Sects – “And I Grew into Ribbons”

I know exactly why this was here. I listen to ONE Show Me the Body song and this happens. I was terrified. I think I cried when I listened to this. If you are interested in noise industrial punk, just listen to Street Sects.

4. Anderson Paak – “The Bird”

This song utterly slams. If you are walking down the street and this song comes on shuffle, you need to press skip immediately so you don’t start dancing like a jazzy maniac and get laughed at.

5. Iglooghost – “Gold Coat (feat. Cuushe)”

This is another one of those songs that concerned me when it appeared in my Discover Weekly. This song is just filled with very repetitive electronic noises and I felt like I was at some sort of dubstep event, which is somewhere I’d prefer never being in my life. I will say, however, the production of this song is pretty sick. It has some pretty killer buildups and beat drops.

6. Kishi Bashi – “Say Yeah”

Finally, a breath of fresh air from the king of my world, Kishi Bashi. I was so happy this appeared. It is such a fun jam and it is easily one of my favorites from his newest album, Sonderlust.

7. Yoko Ono – “Soul Got Out of the Box (feat. Portugal the Man)”

I started laughing really hard when I was listening to this. I hadn’t heard of anything new with Yoko Ono prior to my listen to this song. The last memory I had of Yoko Ono was the video of her screaming at the Museum of Modern Art in 2010. This was interestingly enough a nice and slower song. It’s nice to listen to if you’re dozing off and need a good repetitive lullaby.

8. Animal Collective / Vashti Bunyan – “Prospect Hummer”

I love Animal Collective and Vashti Bunyan separately and this song has been a classic for me for a while. I put it on a CD for my grandma once because she really appreciated the subtle acoustic guitar sounds. I would recommend that everybody gave this song a listen, especially if you are a big Animal Collective fan and want to escape from their experimental pop albums.

9. David Bazan – “Both Hands”

I really dig this song a lot and it inspired me to listen to all of David Bazan’s Blanco album. I always appreciate a chill singer-songwriter album.

10. Caribou – “Bees”

This is another chill song that I vibed with. I am always down for some overall instrumental songs with very minimal vocals. It’s nice to listen to when I’m just trying to chill out and write a paper or something that involves more focus and less distraction. Caribou’s The Milk of Human Kindness album is the perfect album for doing just that, although some songs are a tad noisier than others.