Discover: Tanner’s Playlist, Jan.16-23

Discover the Lobster

By Tanner Bidish, Staff Writer

I mostly use my Spotify for reviewing albums for ACRN. Since I didn’t do any of that over the holidays my account had fallen into a winter drought. I was scared the lack of activity would result in a dull Discover Weekly, but Spotify managed to throw something together somehow. There were chill jams and new gems to uncover; here’s the highlights.

  1. The Rest of the Day – Bedhead

Bedhead has been disband since 1998, but they’re still worthwhile and still great. This track is on the longer side, clocking in at around six minutes. The vocals are gentle and the guitar lulling. It is also definitely one of the aforementioned chill jams. Put this tune on as you brew your morning tea and watch the sun rise, taking the title to heart.

  1. 302 – The Lippies
    Self-described as ‘feminist pop-punk’, The Lippies cover their bases in “302”. The track begins as a classic youthful tale about making dates and not carrying about the future. Then the bridge elaborates more with lyrics for keen social commentary. “The personal is political when you learn your friend is a rapist / The personal is political when you realize that nothing is more important than solidarity”, ring the key lines. I highly recommend this number.
  2. Puka Shell Necklace – Walter TV, feat. Mac Demarco 
    Walter TV is small, especially next to Mac Demarco, so in my opinion that makes this colab extra cool. The song’s bouncy, care free, and breezy. It’s very much in the vain of Demarco, but muddier. “Puka Shell” can take the listener away; this one goes down best reclined with your eyes closed and shoes off. Enjoy it and pretend you’re lying in a field in the summer.
  3. Composite Character – End of A Year

This is the opening track of You Are Beneath Me. It’s a punk jam, but also entirely spoken word on how “to best understand the material” of the album. While it’s not exactly playlist material, it does gear you for the album and is also full of intensely digestible situations. Relatable and/or sympathetic, the content in this minute and half blitz is rife with emotional fuel and stories to tell. “Understand that people have a right to be tasteless” is a favorite of the quips that this track is loaded with.

  1. Apistat Commander – Xiu Xiu
    Last year lots of my friends were very into Plays the Music of Twin Peaks. This track is honestly my introduction to Xiu Xiu, and I have to say what a banger! “Apistat Commander” is hands down my favorite track from this week’s Discover. It’s very controlled, starting with a singular beat and hushed vocals, then building gradually into something sonically overwhelming and frantic. If nothing else, it’s cathartic. I’ll defiantly be checking out Xiu Xiu’s next release this February.
  2. Club Soda – Hala
    Another chill jam. Hala takes it easy here. This tune is gentle and romantic, sure to calm you down and make you think of a lover you may have never even had. “You’re not my club soda, you’re my fancy wine,” lulls the vocal hook. It’s very casual, very easy going.
  3. Battle – Slumbers 

The airy vocals here are done well. The song feels very comfortable in itself. Focused, and never reaching too far. Slumbers strums out a pretty tune between the guitar and bass. Another chill jam to end things on, with calmly introspective lyrics that don’t get ahead of themselves. A tidy, peaceful track.


Discover: Tanner’s Playlist, Sept. 11-18

By Tanner Bidish, Contributor

Discover Weekly is a great little gift from Spotify to you, the listener. Thirty songs selected based on what you’ve been listening to that Spotify will send your way on a weekly basis; it’s really nifty and everyone with an account (free or premium) gets it. I really like to use Spotify specifically for finding new music, so I’d rank this service as indispensable.

I’ve found a lot of interesting jams on Discover Weekly, as well as equal parts lack luster and bad songs. Great finds in past include Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum (experimental queer folk), and Yoko and the Oh No’s  (post-punk).

My pallet for music isn’t hugely developed or honed. Perhaps consequentially I’m always hungry to hear something unlike what I know. And of course, I’m always down for music I find myself in.

This week’s Discover wasn’t Earth shaking to me, but I was still a good time with fun finds. Here’s the highlights:

1. La Dispute – “Twelve”

“Walked in to find you sitting, in your kitchen softly singing, please someone carry me away” sung sweetly, intimately, as if between best friends. Insightful and at peace, this number builds up to its emotive truths. I’ll be listening to more La Dispute in the future.

2. Josh Hodges  – “jake – keep it together”

A percussive intro is quickly swapped for lulling guitar. The quick turn over is attention grabbing, and varied instrumentation keeps the energy. I’d consider this one a good tune to unwind to.

3. No Parents – “Hey Grandma”

Piano and strings open this jam. A choir carries us halfway through the song singing about a grandmother. We then take a 180 to electric guitar and drum crashing “Hey Grandma, Merry Christmas, I’m in a punk band!” Not sure if I love the track, but it threw me for a loop.

4. Yoni & Geti – “Allegheny”

I don’t listen to a lot of R&B or hip-hop, so I’m not sure how Yoni & Geti got on to my Discover, but I’m thankful they did. This track is slick. Harmonic chorus between tight verses, this is a jam.

Their album dropped last May, and I believe it’s worth a listen.