Discover: Tanner’s Playlist, Sept. 11-18

By Tanner Bidish, Contributor

Discover Weekly is a great little gift from Spotify to you, the listener. Thirty songs selected based on what you’ve been listening to that Spotify will send your way on a weekly basis; it’s really nifty and everyone with an account (free or premium) gets it. I really like to use Spotify specifically for finding new music, so I’d rank this service as indispensable.

I’ve found a lot of interesting jams on Discover Weekly, as well as equal parts lack luster and bad songs. Great finds in past include Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum (experimental queer folk), and Yoko and the Oh No’s  (post-punk).

My pallet for music isn’t hugely developed or honed. Perhaps consequentially I’m always hungry to hear something unlike what I know. And of course, I’m always down for music I find myself in.

This week’s Discover wasn’t Earth shaking to me, but I was still a good time with fun finds. Here’s the highlights:

1. La Dispute – “Twelve”

“Walked in to find you sitting, in your kitchen softly singing, please someone carry me away” sung sweetly, intimately, as if between best friends. Insightful and at peace, this number builds up to its emotive truths. I’ll be listening to more La Dispute in the future.

2. Josh Hodges  – “jake – keep it together”

A percussive intro is quickly swapped for lulling guitar. The quick turn over is attention grabbing, and varied instrumentation keeps the energy. I’d consider this one a good tune to unwind to.

3. No Parents – “Hey Grandma”

Piano and strings open this jam. A choir carries us halfway through the song singing about a grandmother. We then take a 180 to electric guitar and drum crashing “Hey Grandma, Merry Christmas, I’m in a punk band!” Not sure if I love the track, but it threw me for a loop.

4. Yoni & Geti – “Allegheny”

I don’t listen to a lot of R&B or hip-hop, so I’m not sure how Yoni & Geti got on to my Discover, but I’m thankful they did. This track is slick. Harmonic chorus between tight verses, this is a jam.

Their album dropped last May, and I believe it’s worth a listen.