Discover: Chuck’s Playlist, Oct. 24-30

By Chuck Greenlee, Copy Editor

I have been a Spotify wanker for roughly four years now. Ever since I discovered it in high school, my world has been chock full of a wide arrange of music. In fact, at least 15% of my weekly happiness comes from whether or not my “Discover Weekly” playlist is “fire” or not.

This week was, like, average. That’s ok though. There were a few certified bangers on my playlist, but that doesn’t excuse the few duds that were on it. I had a few songs that clearly had some Beach Boys influence, which is always nice to see being the solid Beach Boys fan that I am. Then I just… there was just this one song that I cant stand that always finds its way into whatever playlist I listen to.

Here’s what I was working with this week.

Banes World – “Drowsy”

This was what kicked off my Discover Weekly, and needless to say I was pleased. The slow, melodic, beachy feel put me on my mom’s lanai in Florida. There is a definite 60’s beach rock influence going on with this track and it was enjoyable at the very least.

Harriet – “Sign”

The subtle piano keys with synth effects going on were actually pretty boring. I didn’t really dig this at all. The vocals were just a less-exciting version of The Drums. Whatever, it was meh

The Apache Relay – “Katie Queen Of Tennessee”

OK, this song haunts me. No matter where I am I swear this song somehow comes up and it isn’t a popular song. It isn’t a bad song, but I hate it because of it is just always there. I swear I’m not paranoid. 0/10 because of the stigma I have of this song.

Twin Cabins – “Swing Lynn”

Not going to lie, this track is HOT. It has a catchy rhythm and makes you want to get up and dance around. Not too hard though, just a sensible head-bop if you catch my drift. Regardless, this is a lot of fun and just puts you in a good mood even though lyrically it’s kind of sad. Oh well.

Milo –“Folk-Metaphysics”

This was bad. I did not like this song. That’s really all I have to say in regard to this.

Crying –“ES”

Not going to lie, this is really the first time I have listened to Crying. Not going to lie again, I wasn’t a huge fan. I really like all that Run For Cover does, but Crying just isn’t for me. The old-timey video game effects they use are really cool, but it just isn’t my cup of tea. If you are looking for a more dance-y version of the Sonic The Hedgehog theme song, throw some Crying on.

“Monster Mash”

Graveyard smash. All there is to this one.

The Obsessives -“Nodding Off (Fucked/Fine)”

Catchy tune, this one. Lot’s of guitar, a little bit of that “college rock” influence. This song is good. Pretty relatable lyrically to anyone who has gone through a heartbreak in high school. Yeah.

Alohaha –“Welcome to Your New Life”

Spotify is really doing it’s best to put me on a beach when I really don’t want to be. However, this song is sweet. Really tasteful steel guitar throughout. Makes me want to stick my toes in the sand and get myself sunburnt.

No Vacation –“Lovefool”

This is sick, sounds a little bit like The Head and the Heart. Really soft instrumentals and ambient feels. For sure my favorite track on my playlist this week. Going to have to give this band a long listen.

Good Morning –“Cab Deg”

Nice. This has some cool distorted instrumentals and is all around good. I liked this one quite a bit. Almost has a lo-fi feel, but too many things have that nowadays. Anyway, give this track a listen if you are feeling it. Or don’t. Either way is ok.

Prawn –“Scud Running”

Little bit of Chastity Belt feel with the instrumentals here. Really fun song in general. Not a whole lot is going on, very simple. Would listen to again.