Discover: Carly’s Playlist, Sept. 3-11

By Carly Preston

I’ve always been someone stuck in her ways. I re-listen to all of my music until the point of shear madness. I watch the same sitcoms over and over again (I think I’ve seen 30 Rock at least five times through now). I get caught up on specific outfits and hairstyles that I will repeatedly wear like a cartoon character. What can I say? I like who I am.

Ending this vicious cycle I fall into can sometimes be lethal though. My best friend once had to hold me down while she made me watch (now one of my favorite shows) Arrested Development. So I took this Discover the Lobster piece as a challenge to find some new jams. I was starting to feel a bit stuffy.

Spotify defines the Discover Weekly playlist as “Your weekly mixtape of fresh music. Enjoy new discoveries and deep cuts chosen just for you. Updated every Monday, so save your favorites!”

I was curious to see if I could truly receive some “deep cuts.”

On a day-to-day to basis I listen to a lot of different music. I tend towards non-male led punk, but I’d be lying if I didn’t play some Motown, horrendous pop punk, and even noise from time-to-time.

At first glance my playlist was full of bands I’d already known and loved, acts like The Courtneys, Spook Houses, Radiator Hospital, and Palm. These are all act I routinely listen to, so I decided to skip discussing them.

“So, So Long” by Michael Nau sounded like what I can only describe as Reese Witherspoon attending a Mumford and Sons concert. It was boring, bland, and generic. This track was as if Wilco went fully acoustic and got ten times worse.

After that was the female equivalent of this whiny acoustic white boy- Summer Salt. Of course her name was some outdoor “I am one with nature” type crap. Her song “The Sun” (I eye rolled too) physically left me upset. At this point I was feeling extremely disheartened. Why Spotify felt the need to shove boring white folk down my throat I was unsure.

Then I got to “Dirt” by BROCKHAMPTON and I instantly was hyped. This track was in my opinion was on the better, if not best, on the playlist. It had me bopping while walking to class and I have since added the rap group BROCKHAMPTON in my music collection. This track was impeccably produced, insanely funky, and wonderfully encompassed their California sound. I could totally see myself busting this song out at the next party I attend.

Feeling revived, I reached “Choker” by Beach Goons. I was at first immediately turned off by yet another band using the word beach in their name. However, I found myself subtly head banging while listening to this. It was short, simple, and clever surf punk.

Other tracks I enjoyed included: “In Heaven” by Japanese Breakfast, “Flowers on the Wall” by Tomorrows Tulips, and “I Don’t Wanna be Funny Anymore” by Lucy Dacus. All these tracks, while different in nature, caused me to obsessively delve into each musician and fall in love again with many of their other songs.

On top of the new music similar to daily listening, this playlist also allowed me to explore some new musicians in a genre I’ve just started listening to more of. This past summer ambient music because something I slowly started loving. This may be due to the nice weather, but in moments of stress ambience was something that really helped me to calm down. My personal favorite of the three different ambient/ lo fi noisy songs offered was “Anchor” by Botany. This song, simply put, is just beautiful. Making computer-generated noises this seamless and natural is truly an art and I have since drifted fully into love with Botany.

At the end of this discover weekly journey I realized that not only was my taste completely sporadic and virtually impossible to detect, but also I really need to start branching out more. Yeah, there were some flops that, while not horrifically bad, were revolting boring. This has inspired me to may be not put up such a fight next time my friend tells me to listen to some hip new album.


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