Discover: Van’s Playlist, Nov. 2 – 8

By Van Williams, Contributor
Spotify was something that I never found particularly interesting. It just seemed like a boring, more convenient YouTube where people could listen to music for free and not give money to the hardworking artists making it.
When my friends insistence became more than I could handle, I finally got around to downloading it… but not without complaint. After all my user name is spotifyhater420.
However, for something that I gave so little credibility, it hit my playlist right over the head this week. For having what I’d consider an obnoxiously diverse music palette, this playlist was pretty good. I mean, my last four artists listened to were Rage Against The Machine, The Cure, Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line. To talk a little about the songs on my Discover Weekly, I’ve chosen the ten songs I was the most excited about.
1. “Heavy Gloom” – The Story So Far
I heard this song when it was released as a single, and it’s still one of my favorites from their newest record. I just saw them slay live last Sunday night so this seemed fitting.  
2. “Everything Is Alright” – Motion City Soundtrack
Now that the warm, sunlight days of autumn are fading away, whenever one comes around I play this album. There’s always been a hopeful chord found in Commit This To Memory that has resonated with me, whether it be Justin Pierre’s bouncy vocals or Mark Hoppus’s obvious touch, it always leaves me smiling.
3. “I Don’t Like Who I Was Then” – The Wonder Years
In 2013 The Wonder Years released The Greatest Generation, and personally it left a little to be desired. Regardless, excited would be an understatement to describe my anticipation for this record, and this was the first song that really hit home with me.
4. “The Joker” – Steve Miller Band
Not entirely sure how this song sneaked on here but I’m so happy that it did It surprised in the best way.
5. “Flagpole Sitta” – Harvey Danger
This is a song that I feel flies massively under the radar for catchy 90’s alternative music, it takes me back a much younger high school version of myself watching American Pie for the first time in my basement.
6. “Sweetness” – Jimmy Eat World
An absolute staple in early 2000s’ emo and pop punk infused music. I don’t go back to Bleed American as much once it starts getting cold out, so I’m glad spotify gave me one last taste of one of the best bands.
7. “Friday I’m In Love” – The Cure
This is not my favorite songs by The Cure, but it is however one of my favorite songs (take that how you will). Released as the second single off of 1992’s Wish, the song achieved instant success, and for good reason.
8. “There Is” – Box Car Racer
Box Car Racer, as I’m sure most know was Tom Delonge from blink-182’s post hardcore influenced project that featured ⅔ of blink’s members and indirectly lead to the dissolution of pop-punk’s most immature heroes. However you look at it, it lead to an amazing record from Box Car Racer, and this was the second single from one of 2002’s best records.
9. “Tiny Raindrop” – Balance & Composure
In 2013, Balance & Composure released the Will Yip produced The Things We Think We’re Missing to acclaim from pretty much everyone who would listen to the record. “Tiny Raindrop” is the track from the record that sticks with me most, constantly echoing it’s grungy tones and scratchy vocals in the back of my mind.

10. “Gum” – Moose Blood
Moose Blood have recently become one of my favorite bands to watch progress, constantly growing from their
Moving Home EP. This song is a good example of that, only made better with it’s American Beauty name drop.


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